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Softinio's Notes on Software Engineering - Issue #2

Softinio's Notes on Software Engineering - Issue #2
By Salar Rahmanian • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the latest issue of my newsletter.
Since the publication of the first issue of this newsletter as you can see I have migrated off of substack and moved to Revue. If you had subscribed to my newsletter on substack your subscription would have been migrated over to Revue. You will receive an email from Revue confirming your subscription to comply with GDPR regulations so please accept that of course if you would like to maintain your subscription to my newsletter.
If you had not subscribed to my newsletter before, please subscribe as I have lots of awesome content planned for the year ahead that I will share with you via my newsletter.
Why did I move to Revue?
After giving Substack a try I reached the conclusion that Revue is a better fit for what I am after, namely the following reasons:
  • Revue focuses on being a Newsletter and nothing else
  • Revue provides some out of the box integrations that makes it easier for me to curate the content of my newsletter. For example I can easily add content I may have shared on Twitter.
  • Revue provides me with access to their API. As a software engineer I see this as a benefit as it will enable me to create my own integrations and automate more of my workflow.
What have I been up to?
Since the last issue I have hosted 3 Scala Meetup events with 4 greats talks:

SF Scala: Essential Effects By Adam Rosien
SF Scala: Essential Effects By Adam Rosien
Adam Rosien of Inner Product LLC kicked the year off with a wonderful talk on Essential effects covering Cats Effect and introducing his new book on this topic. A Highly recommended book which I can’t wait to read. You can find details of his book and purchase it here.
SF Scala: Kiar - Key/Value store with MVCC based Transaction System By Sandeep Virdi
SF Scala: Kiar - Key/Value store with MVCC based Transaction System By Sandeep Virdi
Sandeep Virdi returned to SF Scala meetup for a talk on his implementation of Fast Serializable Multi-Version Concurrency Controlfor Main-Memory Database Systems using Scala and ZIO.
The other two talks have not been published so will include in my next newsletter.
Upcoming Events
Adam Rosien: An Introduction to Cats Effect | Meetup
KUDO for MLOps: Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator | Meetup
Good Code, Bad Code, and Vulnerable Code | Meetup
Introduction to Cats Parse By Jeff Lewis | Meetup
Latest from the world of Scala and Java
Java 16 Released
Exciting to see Java 16 released with some nice anticipated features like Records and Sealed classes.
JDK 16's Top 5 for Scala
Great articles and blog posts to read
Compilers are hard | ShipReq Blog
Masking the Problem: Representing Complex State Without Strings
The importance of Scala.js
Latest Releases
GitHub - spotify/magnolify: A collection of Magnolia add-on modules
Our friends at Tweag who as you know are big contributors and evangelists of Nix are looking to hire for a number of roles related to Nix, Scala and Functional Programming in case anyone is interested (please share), details as follows:
Software Engineer - Developer Productivity
A Nix knowledge is not needed, but is a big plus.
Functional Engineer
Experience with at least one functional programming language (Haskell, Scala, OCaml, Erlang, Clojure, etc).
Scala Engineer
Strong knowledge of a JVM language such as Java or Scala.
Thank you
Thank you for reading my newsletter 🙏 🍷
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Salar Rahmanian

Softinio's Notes on Software Engineering

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